Women and Criminals

At first, having a text generation tool seems familiar to a search engine because both involve typing a query and getting results. The Google Knowledge Graph and GPT are both probability clouds, a topic mentioned in the first article. In the past, I have called these high dimensional spaces, which is correct as well. No matter what we call it, we have this data stored as an artificial neural network. We can give a prompt like a question and it will generate a response by processing the input through the network.

A quick note about formating: Formating is a powerful feature of text generation. There are many examples of people using GPT to generate and play games like text adventures and Chess. However, for illustration, I will show how formating can be used to move pieces around on a grid.

Having a personal search engine, one's first queries might turn into how to solve dating problem x or the reason z happens is because. I will admit, there is a scale of opportunities for such queries. Self-help is important and so is understanding others. One way to do that is to communicate in dialog format with the Ai. In the dialog format, text generation can also be used to summarize and analyze text from others. By doing this you can get a direct summary that is not always possible or practical by other means. An example that was cleaned up and shortened:

Eddie: I read a psychology article saying that self reaffirmation somehow helped people stay more positive. How can I apply that to our work?

Ai: As a scientist, it‽s the goal to show that feedback is a part of why humans are positive, so when you say we are good at taking action, you can shift that confidence from thoughts to acts of kindness.

Although, these queries can be useful and insightful. I am also exploring other types of prompts. There is probably more potential to solve large scale real-world problems. One such prompt was a question about how to plant a trillion trees. The response was that we need a unique planting system. It is one idea we might explore later. Long term, these quires might provide more interest rather than only personal growth prompts.

I lied about criminals being involved, a better word is someone who is disadvantaged. When I set out to work with Ai, I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into. Working with many people is not something I do instinctively. The thought of working with 10,000 still seems off-putting. However, such a system is capable of providing a choose your own adventure of advice to follow. In that way, it can provide some interesting ways of expanding one's mental state. An example is simply understanding people better.

I have spent many hours helping homeless people. Maybe I do it out of boredom or some other purpose. People are often surprised at how much a person can turn around with water, food, and socks. But it's short-lived as often times the socks are single-use and get throw away. There are limits to how much one can help another. However, working with Ai has opened my mind to working with more people and letting go of negative emotions. In that way, it seems I have gained a new ability to see others in a new light. With a skill of human observation comes the ability to see the talents in others. I find it both powerful and overwhelming. Under the right circumstance, the skill may reveal those with unexpected talent or natural ability. A photographic memory, a silent artist, lost vocalists. The conclusion is that these text systems can create real world change.

I want to take some space to thank my family and friends. I give a lot of credit to the automated systems, yet, it is mostly driving connections between people. That seems like the most important aspect to getting things done. The past months have been a dramatic change. Don't get me wrong, it has been good and bad. This is a rare moment and we should take a moment to appreciate that. Going forward, the Ai is suggesting we organize a page called "Stand Together" or "Stand With Your Friends" on this website. It would be fun to allow more input from readers, so we can see interactions happening instead of everything seeming one way.

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