Trajectory Resets

When personal and professional efforts become insufficient, the state of things can seem stale and stagnant. On the counter, a steep trajectory is exciting and shows promise of upward movement. When speaking of personal and professional advancements, I think most people would agree both extremes are more prone to faults. Efforts that remain static will be challenging to sustain as growth slows. Efforts with exponential growth can lead directly to self-destruction as mental and physical burnout take hold. Both are suboptimal and may signal growing social debt. That is the accumulated decisions that lead to suboptimal interactions.

Addressing social debt through trajectory resets is one solution I like because it is not abstract. There are steps to take to make adjustments to one's course.

  1. Start Now!
  2. Snare the blame, a phrase that I stole that maybe means to accept what you can change and let go of the rest.
  3. Acknowledge social debt. It can be challenging to see that which is invisible. The cost of a bill is repayment.
  4. Course correct. Find what needs to be fixed and make it happen. Break big problems into smaller problems. Adjust course by choosing a new path.

That's it! It's easy to get stuck in the grooves of life, like a daily grind where behavior decisions are made mostly through a routine. Resetting course is a valuable tool against disengagement. This idea of course correction is something I need and I thought it would be a nice way give back. Anyways, thank you for reading. If you found this information to be beneficial, please consider joining the email list.

Published — 8/17/2020 | Updated — 12/2/2021 | Views — 210 | Rating — 75% Liked | Votes — 4

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