The City Mice Have Returned

Months prior the foot traffic slowed to almost nobody. I encountered one or two homeless men and women fetching food. Otherwise, the streets were empty. I experienced a week of being the oldest person in the park. Walking around alone like a typical old person. The only other people struggled to relate with me and likewise, I did the same. They were Gen Z. Slowly all the older generations returned to the park and the streets. Except for the oldest, they seem mostly out of sight now. At home, concerned perhaps.

Recently, travelers have begun to arrive. Florida, Texas, Idaho, Washington, California, New York, and probably some more I missed. Most of them still have a lot of optimism in their eyes. A fresh start, a possible new home. One was wielding a hammer, looking off-putting though. With the increased traffic, food scraps were inevitable. Eating outdoors has become popular to maximize social distance. Is it Mk Ultra level mind games as one friend suggested, could be. However, there were mice before, actually big pizza rats. The mice are back now and it seems a new way of life is now underway.

Published — 8/26/2020 | Updated — 12/2/2021 | Views — 245 | Rating — 75% Liked | Votes — 4

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