Not Despising Money

Once upon a time, a man was given a roll of wrapping paper during a pandemic. The man lived alone except for a house full of computers and house plants. The year was 2020 and it was hard times. He survived on cheap foods like noodles and onions. The wrapping paper broke the man. So much, that he went without food to buy gifts. It was at that point that the man stops despising money. He holds a sign that says "code AI for ฿itcoin" as if asking for money in exchange for automation. Or it's a statement that automation is accelerating exponentially. Or a message way more cryptic. His eyes have a determined yet angry look. The point is that the man's worth is separate from money. Yet without money, he faces a slow progression in life. So he set out to work, so much that he missed his own life.

Published — 7/1/2021 | Updated — 12/2/2021 | Views — 99 | Rating — 75% Liked | Votes — 4

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