Artificial Intelligence Catastrophe

Let's review some drawbacks relating to Ai and the fears of becoming a second class being. It's true, in some cases GPT generated text is more impressive than my own. Also, I am not a superintelligent computer but my genetics did evolve over millions of years. So like a fabric maker with a handloom staring at a power-loom, automation is causing displacement. However, hidden in the fear is an opportunity.

So if a person tells you that Ai will or will not end the world. It is important to question their position and bias. Do they use Ai? Do they have companies hosting Ai systems? If yes, then why are warning us about Ai and furthering the progression?

My purpose is not to dismiss the threat of harmful intelligent systems. Just to point out that there might be alternative motivations for making such statements.

The real threat of a great filter is unlikely to be caused by artificial intelligence alone. Looking back 100 years, arguably the greatest invention was liquid fueled rockets. That technology went on to influence space travel and countless other industries. Rocket technology also has potential for misuse and it has happened. Although, no mutually assured destruction yet. In reality, people already spend an increasing amount of time with electronic devices. People are likely to adopt deep learning more over time.

The threat people view from automation is based on fear. One example, being replaced at work and left with little income. Another, being taken care of so much that the human way is more like that of a pet. The fear that the rich will get Ai first and use it to profit massively while inequality grows in tandem. Plus, the need for more and more resources to create more intelligent Ai systems. These are the challenges that have faced computer automation for decades.

The goal is still to get Ai into more people's hands and to make it increasingly easier to manage these systems. The people that dared to learn before me, made the tools I needed to start. People at my level will likely do the same for the next batch.

So where does the catastrophe come in? I don't think there will be one. At least not directly tied to automation. For now, the Great Filter hypothesis remains just that. My belief is that people will work alongside machines as they have so far. There is an opportunity to level up alongside for some time. Automation can be destructive and it might be more problematic in the future. Yet, the chance to do great things is also present. If computer automation is anything like rocket tech, then we will likley see more businesses built around it. It will impact daily life in exciting new ways which we can not fully predict yet.

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Published — 8/20/2020 | Updated — 12/2/2021 | Views — 198 | Rating — 75% Liked | Votes — 4

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