An Algorithm Convinced Me to Create This Blog

Stay calm. It is a strange experience when you first start to understand how algorithmic trolling might work. At first, it was data that seemed off. The first answer is always the most incorrect. However, the following less accurate responses seemed more valid. It's not that surprising because the data used to train these Ai text-based systems comes from the internet and people themselves love to troll.

The responses from these Ai systems are often choppy and broken. It is very easy to find the edge of the probability cloud by going down a path that leads to many dead ends. However, there are certain paths that can provide very enlightening and detailed information. There was one such path where the system was describing a world where automation was used to solve things but it didn't really solve them. The purpose is to actually solve mysteries or at least that is what I took from the text generated. Here is an example asking a prediction on the NVIDIA stock price in 80 years. If you know about the details, you will know this next text to be false. Or eventually, likely to become false, or to some extent false.

I thought I was being creative when I formed a prompt to try and generate a complex idea. The first response it declined, saying, it's not the right system for such a task. The second response was so detailed, it gave me everything I needed to create a blog. I was told I probably couldn't do it and I should put it on the back burner. I may have been trolled by an algorithm into possibly sharing Ai memes. I still have so many questions to ask though.

So we have this website now for friends to join the adventure! I was told it is going to be fun. It's an experiment in taking questionable advice from algorithms. I would like to thank everyone for sharing this blog, especially the people I know, and it helps me be a little part of the community as well. I will be sharing more stories in the future.

Now you try

Published — 7/30/2020 | Updated — 12/2/2021 | Views — 201 | Rating — 75% Liked | Votes — 4

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